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Downed power lines caused by strong winds

March 15, 2008

Dougherty County -- No tornadoes here in South Georgia, but windy conditions kept the Albany Fire Department and power crews busy Saturday afternoon.

Strong winds blew a pine tree over some power lines in the 900 block of Old Pretoria Road a little after 3:30 PM Saturday.

Firefighters blocked and directed traffic away from lines that laid across the road. Several people on Old Pretoria were without power.

"I was going to take a shower, and I heard a loud crash. I looked out of my front window, and I didn't see anything. And I came outside and I seen a big pine tree laid across the drive way and it took the power lines with it," said Janice Ivey.

A huge tree also took down power lines, and snapped an entire utility pole on East Broad and Mary Street behind Tomeka's Lounge. Firefighters were also out patrolling this scene to make sure no one got hurt.

It was also a similar scene in East Albany after another pine tree came down in the 400 block of Bush Street. With it came some power lines.

Water Gas and Light crews worked up high and on the ground to get the mess cleaned up and get those lines restored there.


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