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Alcohol confiscated and arrest made during sting operation

March 15, 2008

Albany -- An all-night sting operation in Albany led to several arrests and the confiscation of alcohol sold to minors.

Suspicions grew about Brick House Production's illegal activities as Albany Police investigated a murder case last week.

So last night they moved in with a search warrant and were surprised with everything they found.

"We got with Code Enforcement, Probation, Parole, ADDU. We got with the Tactical Unit, Uniform Division and we all went out and put this plan into action," said Albany Police Lieutenant Kendra Wilson.

The plan devised for Brick House Productions inside of Nab's Tavern while investigating the murder of 28-year-old Manuel Salazar Montanes last week.

"What we saw when we got there in reference to that murder case while we were outside and we hadn't even gone in was these juveniles were coming out of this building. And we smelled the strong scent of narcotics and alcohol," said Wilson.

Police say this studio-by-day club-by-night was a popular hang out for South Georgia gang members.

"We also saw several wanted persons, gang members who were walking around at the time, but due to manpower and the fact that we were actively working a murder case; we just said we will put this aside and we will go back," said Wilson.

The owner 39-year-old Molly Loving was sited with selling alcohol without a license. Her husband 39-year-old Daniel Loving was also arrested and charged with possession of marijuana less than an ounce.

34-year-old Malik Young was wanted in Lee County and arrested for armed robbery. And 26-year-old Roydravious Washington was arrested for failure to appear in court. "We didn't expect to find all of this, but we are glad that we did," said Wilson.

For now the club will remain closed until the outcome of a hearing. Officers also discovered the owner was charging a $10.00 cover charge into the club. More arrests are expected in the case.


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