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4 arrested in Camilla meth bust

March 15, 2008

Camilla -- Emergency crews and law enforcement agents filled a stretch of Heath Street in Camilla Friday night while a HazMat team worked to dismantle a meth lab inside a residential home.

"When I returned home I saw fire trucks, ambulances and police cars. They were all along the side, all in front of our house," said neighbor Patricia Williams.

She and her husband were stunned to learn the home right next door had been the location of an apparent drug operation.

"Well I was devastated because I have children that live here, and to see that, it was real devastating," she said.

The Mitchell County Sheriff's Office secured search warrants Friday afternoon for the home at 129 Heath Street. Assisted by the GBI and the Decatur County Sheriff's Office, deputies raided the home where they arrested 34-year-old Brian Allen Sanders, 36-year-old Malisa Machelle Harry and 53-year-old Larry Roger Hall. A fourth suspect, 41-year-old Robert Fulton Johnson, was arrested a short time later.

All of the suspects remain in the Mitchell County Jail facing several charges including manufacturing methamphetamines.

"Anytime you can take a manufacturer off the street I think at the upper-level, they're the ones that's producing it. So I think they got a real good case on them and did good job putting it together yesterday." said Mitchell County Sheriff W.E. Bozeman.

He hopes this case will send a strong message to those dealing in drugs. As for now, the Williams are just happy to know that a potentially dangerous and hazardous meth lab is out of their neighborhood.

Authorities say there were no children inside the home at the time of the bust, but did not reveal how much meth was found at the location or the size of the lab that was seized by the GBI. Sheriff Bozeman, who says this was a small victory on the war on drugs, added that there could be more arrests stemming from this case.

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