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License renewal now an easier task

March 14, 2008

Thomasville--  You've already passed the test and have the card.  But going back to simply renew your driver's license can be a daunting task. 

Especially for a busy mom like Denise Flores, who homeschools her kids, and babysits others.  "Its hard to do it, and take a bunch of kids with you," Flores says.

Governor Sony Perdue vowed to improve the Division of Driver Services.  "We were having a problem with renewals, people were coming to wait you know, long enough to open a book or a magazine and read several pages. So he passed a ruling that if you had to wait more than 30 minutes on the first calling that it would end up being free," explains Sybil Barfield, DDS Customer Service Manager in Thomasville.

In 2003, DDS gave away over 1,000 licenses a week.  Now that number is down to 2.  "I think overall everybody has picked up their pace as far as renewals because renewals are our priority," Barfield says.  Here in Thomasville, wait time is just one of the many things that have improved since they moved into their new facility. 

"I think the citizens of the area are happy with the space instead of waiting in the elements because not everybody could get it the other building so they had to wait outside whether its heat, or snow, or rain," says Barfield.  Flores is certainly happy with the new building.  She says, "I like it. Its really really nice, and its really fast.  I can get in and get out. I wish grocery shopping was that easy."

Thomasville's customer service center now estimates drivers wait an average of just 6 minutes from the time they get a number until they are served.


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