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I.R.S. warns about Internet scams

March 14, 2008

Albany -- The Internal Revenue Service is warning that Internet criminals are using the coming government rebate program and tax filing season to steal your confidential financial information.

 Next week the I.R.S. Will send out two letters to tax filers, giving you information about their rebate program. They say criminal schemes trying to steal your identity by using the I.R.S. Name has gotten so bad, they want to let you know which letters are real.

Almost everyone with a computer has received E-mails, claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service, wanting you to click a link and give them your confidential financial information..But the I.R.S. Says if it's on the Internet, it's a scam. I.R.S. Spokesman Mark Green said "we do not send out any unsolicited E-Mails to tax payers. Informing them that they are expecting a refund or better yet requesting their checking or savings account information, or their Social Security number. Of course, we have that information."

I.R.S. Officials say Internet phishing by criminals is a top danger right now. Green said "the new scam that is out here of course involves the tax rebate or economic stimulus payment, and these individuals are targeting the elderly.

 The IRS will send out two letters next week to tax filers, giving them information about their rebate. Officials say don't be fooled.  Green said "we are sending notices to tax payers to let them know they are eligible for the tax rebate. There is nothing they need to do. It's just an eligibility letter."

The IRS says don't be fooled. They will never ask you for confidential financial information, they already have it. And they will never try to contact you by Internet.

IRS officials say if you are in doubt, you can contact them by calling 800-829-1040, or on their web site irs.gov.    Not ORG or COM, it's dot GOV.

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