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Gas prices may push some drivers to pedal

March 12, 2008

Albany--  You often hear people joke that if gas prices get any higher they'll have to ride a bike. Well it seems some drivers are serious about it.

With gas prices now over $3.20 a gallon, Cycle World in Albany has seen more people coming in asking about trading their four wheels for two. Owner Jim Laue saw an influx when gas hit $2.75. Now people are really looking for relief.

"We have several people starting to come in right now looking at doing short distance from work, looking to possibly use it as a mode of transportation. With $3.25 now a gallon, it almost pays to be physically fit," said Laue.

Some of the most popular models are hybrid bicycles. You can get a good bike for as low as $200. That's about as much as 61-gallons of gas will cost you right now.



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