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Study shows meth use on the decline

March 12, 2008

Albany--  The use of methamphetamine is declining and the government credits restrictions at pharmacies.

A Drug Enforcement Administration report shows the number of meth lab seizures dropped more than 31-percent last year.

To cut down on meth use, lawmakers required pharmacies to put cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine behind the counter. That's a key ingredient used to cook meth.

Albany pharmacist James H. Kennedy says the change definitely helped cut down on illegal drug use. Customers can only buy one box at a time and they have to sign for it.

"It's a terrible drug. People that use it get into a terrible fix mentally and physically and I'm glad we can play a part," said Kennedy.

Another study by Quest Diagnostics shows workplace employees who tested positive for meth dropped 22-percent last year. The government also says the meth market has been disrupted by efforts to stop drug trafficking from Mexico.  



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