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New sports complex to open in Donalsonville

March 12, 2008

Donalsonville-- After the Seminole County Recreation Complex holds its grand opening this Saturda, Seminole county's young athletes will be able to pick up a ball in the sport of their choice and play on lush new fields, a far cry from where they're used to.  

"My 12 year old said, 'I'm so excited because we're not going to be playing on rocks and hard clay and coming home with skinned knees because of the field preparation or lack there of," says April Massey, a mom as well as member of the new Recreation Committee.

Herman Brookins, the project manager and mastermind behind the complex adds the old fields were, "Built in 1960, the fences were rusted. Timber poles were just rotten."  Those fields were bulldozed to make way for a new complex, one that was first planned to be just four fields. 

"With more fields and adult sized fields, we could get tournaments. And one thing this town needs is to get a flow of people into it," explains Brookins.

County commissioners supported the idea but couldn't afford it. So through the southwest Georgia community foundation, private individuals anonymously funded the complex. 

 "It's woken up a lot of people to what our community can be, and we're excited about the people that will be coming and visiting and we really think its going to spin out into the community," says  Chuck Orrick, a volunteer and the Donlasonville Hospital Administrator.

"I am and have been one of those traveling baseball moms who would go a day ahead and spend money on hotel motel, eat, drink, whatever and spends money within the local community," Massey says.   

And many community members believe the same thing could happen here.   "I've been told by other facilities it could put one or two motels here," says Brookins.   Not to mention what it will do for locals.  "Getting the community out, getting them active, and healthy through recreational activities," says Orrick.  

With free food and lots of fun planned, organizers say they expect around 3,000 people for Saturday's grand opening. The grand opening starts at 4:45 p.m. with little league games planned as well as one of the largest fireworks displays southwest Georgia has ever seen. 

Visit the Seminole County Recreation Complex website to find out how you can utilize the facility.


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