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Tree Topples On Van

March 12, 2008

Albany -- A freak accident on an Albany street Wednesday afternoon, as a tree toppled onto a van.

Out of nowhere, the tree fell just before 12:30 near the intersection of North Magnolia and Lakeview Road.

Thelma Apperson swerved and hit the curb.  Apperson complained of chest pains. EMT's checked her out but didn't transport her to the hospital. 

Pine Lake Club members say many of the trees around the lake were checked just eight months ago. 

"We had these trees inspected last summer and they took down five trees but there's no way to tell when a tree's going to go down unless you see some sort of deterioration somewhere in the tree," said W.P. "Pink" Whelchel, Pine Lake Club Member.

It turns out the city owns the tree.  City crews think all the rain we've had recently caused the problem.

They cleaned up the mess and reopened the roadway a short time later.


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