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K-Country DJ saves two from burning home

March 11, 2008

Dougherty County -- A voice that thousands listen to on their way to work was the same voice that helped save the lives of two women Tuesday morning. "I ran to the house, and I am just beating on the door as hard as I can yelling wake up, your house is on fire," said Baldwin.

John Baldwin of K-Country's "Mandy and John in the morning" saw this house on Nelms Road up in flames, called 911 and sprang to action.

"I just kicked the whole door into the house and I am still hollering and screaming is anybody here. Is anybody in here. The heat was just building because it was a wooden house and the fire was just getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

The smoke is just billowing out of the house and I got down on my hands and knees and started hollering. And I could hear them say we're in the back. There was two older ladies, one of them on a walker, and they were on the bottom of the steps. So I sort of helped them get away from the house," said Baldwin.

An act he said he didn't think twice about doing. "I didn't know them or anything. But if it was my house or my family I would surely want someone to get my wife and son out of the house," said Baldwin.

"God just put me in the right place and the right time I guess. I am just glad that the ladies got out and that nobody was hurt because whatever was damaged they can replace that."

He also found a new respect for firemen. "For them to go into a house like that and not know your way around with that much smoke, they do an unbelievable job." said Baldwin. But Tuesday morning, he did an unbelievable and tonight two women are alive because of it.

Firefighters say that an undetermined electrical shortage caused the house fire on 1506 Nelms Road. Joy Folds and Jeanne Rutter are okay. Their church and the Red Cross are helping them recover.

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