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Albany Minister's band equipment stolen

March 11, 2008

Albany -- An Albany minister is asking thieves to bring back his Christian band's musical equipment that was stolen Monday.  

 Central Baptist Worship Minister T-J Mauldin also has a four-person band that works with Youth across the South. Early Monday someone stole the band's sound system and drum set worth about $10,000. They were inside a trailer like this that someone towed away from Mauldin's yard at Cleveland and Society.

The band has several youth worship rallies scheduled, and they hope someone can help them get their stolen equipment back. Mauldin said "We're supposed to be in Louisiana next Tuesday. So we are just looking forward to what God is going to do. We're having faith, and we're hoping, holding out that we'll have a miracle. That God will bless us."

Mauldin wants the thieves to know he forgives them. The trailer has no markings on it.

 If you have any information about the stolen equipment, call Central Baptist Church.


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