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Couple nabbed for snack caper

March 10, 2008

Albany--  An unusual burglary lead to the arrest an Albany couple.

Monday morning, a parole officer and Albany Police officer went to an apartment on Randolph drive looking for 35-year-old Terrance Moore who was wanted for a parole violation.

When his girlfriend 31-year-old Renee Jordan opened the door, they found stolen boxes of chips, cookies and sunflower seeds all over the apartment.

A few minutes later, officers responded to a storage facility on Mock Road where a Frito-Lay driver reported an overnight burglary.

"It was just mounds and mounds of merchandise right there in the front portion of the home, so much that you could barely see the floor and some furniture," said Phyllis Banks-Whitley with Albany Police.

Jordan originally told police she didn't know where the items came from or where Moore was. Police found him in the attic. Both are charged with burglary.



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