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Suspect leads deputies on dangerous high speed chase

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March 10, 2008

Decatur County-- A 35-mile long high-speed chase was caught on tape by a deputy's patrol car dash camera. But the chase didn't end there. The suspect took off on foot for another seven miles.

He's suspected of burglarizing appliance rental stores in Thomasville, Cairo,  and Bainbridge.  The alarm at the Bainbridge Rent-a-center went off around 2 a.m. when the front glass was broken.   "Went in the store and found out a tv was missing," said store manager Arthur Williams.

"One of our deputies Humberto Dean spotted an SUV traveling south on U.S. Hwy. 27 close to the Florida line. It had dark tinted windows and it was big enough to hold these TV screens," explained Decatur County Sheriff Wiley Griffin. 

In Deputy Dean's dash cam footage, you can see that when he pulls the truck over he asks the driver to turn off the car, but instead the suspect takes off, making a U-turn and heading back into Decatur county. "Our deputies stayed back and did not try to ram him or run him off the road," Griffin said.  But they did stick with him for a 35 mile chase at speeds up to 90 miles an hour.

At one point the driver slows down to let out a passenger who gets away.  "We're trying to find out his identity as we speak," said Griffin.  The deputy continues to the chase suspect as he runs a stop sign, across a 4 lane highway, and barely slowing down, over railroad tracks.  At this point the rough ride jostles the deputy camera out of place.  "He put the deputies, troopers and some police men, their lives in danger no doubt about it. And he put the publics lives in danger," said Griffin.

A Georgia state trooper who lives in the area was able to get ahead of the chase. He threw his stopsticks where Green Shade Road meets Hwy. 97.  That caused the suspect to wreck and ended at least the high speed part of the chase.  "We brought in bloodhounds that got on the trail about 3:45. The bloodhounds did an extremely good job of tracking the individual over 6 miles," Griffin said.  Finally around 6:30 Monday morning deputies arrested the suspect, Ronald Fox.

A few hours later rent-a-center reclaimed their stolen property, amazingly in good shape.  "I thought it'd be all busted up and broken and we wouldn't be able to get it back. But we did and that's a good thing," said Williams.

Sheriff Griffin says they may have never caught Fox without the help of all the different agencies involved.   He says Fox has an extensive criminal history. He was released from prison in 2004. His past convictions include burglary, grand theft, and assault on a police officer.