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Landscapers benefit from Governor's ease on water ban

March 10, 2008

Lee County -- Georgia landscapers are getting some relief. The ease on an all-out watering ban in North Georgia, and more rain in South Georgia came just in time for landscapers' busiest season.

Now is the time to plant any flowers or shrubs that you want to see bloom during spring and well into the summer.

Heavy watering is necessary when planting any new foliage to ensure they develop a good root system that will last them through the year.

"It'll help encourage people to get out and do their plantings. They won't be as concerned about the restrictions on water. We have been getting quite a bit of rainfall which is good for the area. It will help more people get interested in the spring season," said ABC Nursery owner, Greg Daniell.

Landscaping brings Georgia eight billion dollars a year in sales and employs more than 80,000 people throughout the state.

You can water fresh landscaping, but don't forget we remain under level two watering restrictions. This means outdoor watering can only be done late at night and early in the morning on an odd/even schedule.


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