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Firefighters report two Albany home fires

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March 10, 2008

Albany -- An East Albany family escaped an apartment fire Monday morning through their back door, when their front door was blocked by flames.

The fire at the apartments in the 600 block of Swift Street started just before 3 Monday morning. Firefighters say an electrical short started the fire inside Pacrory Mathis' apartment. He was not home.

Demond Wingfield, his brother, and sister were asleep in the next apartment. Neighbors banged on the windows to wake them up. Fire victim Demond Wingfield said "We got out through the back door. We couldn't go out that way. All of it was blazing up."

The fire destroyed Mathis' apartment and caused heavy smoke damage to Wingfield's apartment.

Another fire caused serious damage to Sam Thomas's home in the 2000 block of Juniper Drive late Sunday night. Thomas said he started cooking something and about 10:30 he discovered the kitchen in flames.

The fire got into the attic and spread. Thomas was not hurt.