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Register taken from Albany business

March 9, 2008

Albany -- A thief cleaned out an Albany dry cleaners this weekend.

An employee at Southside Cleaners on South Slappey first noticed the cash register drawer missing when she tried to ring up a customer Saturday morning.

As she walked towards the back she also noticed that the back door wasn't completely shut. That's when she called police.

Albany Police officers were not able to lift fingerprints from the back door, but they were able to get some from the front counter.

"This is the first time anything like this happened there. And I have been there approximately eleven years. It runs on a computer and its like a silver register with a slot on it. But you have to put a code in it to open it. So who ever got it is going to have to pry it open to get in there," said employee, Angela Johnson.

The cash drawer had about $800 in it. If you have any information on this case, call the Albany Police Department.


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