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Residents near racetrack say barrier is needed

March 7, 2008

Albany-  Residents living near Albany Motor Speedway applaud the Planning Commission's effort to get sound barriers around the speedway to cut the noise.

The Commission okayed a request from Harold Farnsworth to race stock cars, trucks, go-carts, four wheelers and legends cars at the track, with the provision a wall or natural barrier is erected. James Germany lives within sight of the track where he also races. He agreed that a natural barrier of trees or a wall might help cut down on the noise the track generates.

"Some people like stock car racing, some people don't so I could see putting it up for the older people that live around here it would be less noisy on them being out here," said James Germany, a stock car driver.

Germany said, if Albany Motor Speedway is required to put up a barrier, the drag strip should be required to do the same. The measure has been sent to the Dougherty County Commission for approval.



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