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Psychiatrist pleads guilty to five misdemeanor charges

March 7, 2008

Albany -- A former Albany Psychiatrist pled guilty to issuing blank prescriptions, and faces only a fine.  Prosecutors say they are satisfied that the doctor no longer has his medical license.

Dr. Gerald Dariah pled guilty to five misdemeanor counts of issuing blank prescriptions, or attempting to issue blank prescriptions.  He was originally arrested and charged with 67 counts. 

Under the plea agreement, Dariah will have to pay less than two thousand dollars in fines and court costs to satisfy his sentence.  Then his record is cleared under a first offender style program.

 Investigators say he signed dozens of blank prescriptions, and would let his staff fill them out for patients.

When he was arrested, Prosecutors say the Board of Medical Examiners suspended his medical license.  He did not renew it in 2005.   



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