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Security business offers free system for bat boy

March 6, 2008

Albany -- The ten year old East Albany boy who ran an armed burglar out of his home with a baseball bat will be moving soon.  His family has decided to move from their house, while an Albany security business owner wants to help protect that family from crime.

Fourth Grader Demarcus Mathis caught a burglar inside his home on East Fourth Avenue Tuesday about to steal his play station and other electronics. He attacked the burglar with a baseball bat sending the bandit running.

Alarm Detection Technology Owner Jay Carpenter saw the story on, and has offered them a free security system to protect them. Carpenter said "When I first saw the story I was tickled, that's something else. But then I got thinking about it, thinking about what a bad situation that could have been. Really wanted to help the Mathis family out."

  But The Mathis family's landlord will not allow the security system to be installed in their home, so they have decided to move. Mary Ann Mathis said "we don't know right now where we are going to move, but we are going to move pretty soon."

Carpenter says when the family moves, he will install their free security system in their new home, to give them more peace of mind.


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