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10-year-old Albany boy "bats" away burglar

March 5, 2008

Albany -- It was just a normal walk home from school when 10-year-old Demarcus Mathis noticed something out of place.

"I was walking home, and I came home, and my window was open," he says. 

Unsure of what was going on inside his house on East 4th Avenue, Demarcus decided to grab some protection.

He said, "I came in the house, I got my bat, and went back there."

Back to his mom's bedroom - it was here where the young 4th grader surprised an un-suspecting, gun wielding burglar.

"He was back there standing in my mom's room, so I hit him in the back and then he tried to pull a gun but it got stuck. So I hit him again in the back of the head, and his head started bleeding and he ran out the back door."

With the burglar now on the run, Demarcus made his next move.

"I called my momma and told her," he explained.

"I said Demarcus, I'm busy right now. Call me back. When he did call back, he was like scared, but I thought it was because he had ran home from school," said his mother Mary Ann Mathis.

But when she got home, she found where the would-be thief had unplugged and wrapped up a DVD player and a Playstation for the taking - scared, no doubt, but happy her young son jumped into action.

She said, "I'm glad he surprised the burglar when he did because we would have been out a lot of stuff that we paid a lot of money and worked hard for."

Albany Police responded the home and searched the area for the suspect who was last seen jumping a fence in the Mathis' backyard.

And while mom is still shaken knowing that the burglar had a gun, she has a lot of good things to say about her favorite bat boy.

"I think he was a hero," she says.

A hero that suggests burglars think otherwise before trying to take his stuff.

"They'll just get another taste of my bat," says a smiling Demarcus Mathis.

But for mom's sake, she says next time, it's best just to call 911.

The police were able to gather evidence from the home and have stepped up patrols around the neighborhood. Police reports show where the several items including a televsion had been unplugged and moved.

Police are on the lookout for the suspect who's described as black male, last seen wearing a red Michael Vick jersey, blue jeans, and purple Air Jordans.

He was last spotted in the area of East 4th Avenue.

Anyone with information is asked to call Albany Police.

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