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Tag Tax measure stalls in House of Representatives

March 5, 2008

Atlanta-  The Georgia House of Representatives put the brakes on an effort to erase the state's car tax.

The measure failed to get the needed two-thirds majority in the House.

In Dougherty County, the tag tax, or ad valorem tax generates 7.5 million dollars for the city, county, and local schools. County officials say it's good news because they were concerned that the proposal didn't spell out how the state might make up for the money local counties would lose.

"What disturbs me is they don't know what numbers the sales tax is going to produce and they haven't at this point promised it to the county as a replacement except through 2009," said Denver Collins Hooten, Dougherty County Tax Director.

In addition to wiping out the unpopular car tax, the bill would have also slowed property taxes. House Speaker Glenn Richardson who sponsored the measure says he doesn't plan to push the issue again this session.

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