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Phoebe installs expensive new equipment

 March 5, 2008

  Albany  --    Phoebe Putney Memorial hospital had their new two million dollar Magnetic Resonance Imager delivered Wednesday.    

The Siemens 1.5 MRI came all the way from Germany. The six ton machine had to be lifted and installed by a crane. But the added capabilities it will bring the hospital and their patients is well worth the trouble.   

"We're adding breast imaging on this system. So we will have a multi-focal breast coil. We'll be able to do biopsies in that environment that we couldn't do before. We'll have spectracity which is a special way of looking at the chemical compounds in tumors," said Radiologist Dr. Allison Hays.  

It is also bigger in diameter, which will help those who are obese or claustrophobic. The new MRI will be up and running in about two weeks.



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