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Albany has foaming fountains

March 4, 2008

Albany --  You may have thought you saw snow at the corner of North Slappey and the Liberty Bypass, but it was really soap.  

Soap bubbles blew out of the mountain pool fountain at the All American Fun Park. Someone poured some kind of detergent into the fountain Sunday night, and Tuesday's heavy rain and high winds stirred up the soap into a real lather.

The bubbles were blowing all the way to the Liberty Bypass, looking a little like a blizzard. "I guess it's a South Georgia snow storm, is the only thing I can figure out. Anyway, it looks pretty anyway," said Park General Manager Buddie Blackwell.  

The soap pranksters also struck the fountain in front of the Albany City Government building downtown. Foam bubbled up in that fountain today as well.


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