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Cyber crack down on sex offenders

February 28, 2008

Georgia sex offenders may soon find themselves being monitored in cyber space.

The state senate passed unanimously approved legislation this week that would require sex offenders to turn over their e-mail addresses to authorities.

An Albany prosecutor says it's a positive step toward keeping children safe from potential internet predators

"It's probably going to be very difficult to enforce, but I anticipate that as prosecutors, we could use the information if a person purposefully took measures to side step these requirements by getting new e-mails or false e-mails in order to get into contact with children. Of course, that would be evidence we could use in the prosecution of someone who was ultimately discovered using e-mails to get in touch with children," said Dougherty County Assistant District Attorney Greg Edwards

The bill would also require an online safety course for students in grades 3 and up and would force internet service providers to give Georgia subscribers a product allowing them to block their child's access to certain web sites.


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