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'Mugging' was false report

February 28, 2008

Lee County --  An 'armed robbery' at Chili's this week turns out to be nothing more than a lie, and now the victim is jailed and facing charges.  

Meljel Allen Johnson is charged with false report of a crime and giving false statements.

After talking with witnesses, Sheriff's Investigators say Johnson's claim Tuesday that six men jumped him while he was behind the dumpster was false. It was a former Chili's employee that confronted Johnson over a bet. 

"A former employee that he had worked with there at Chili's, they had made a bet about a high school football game and the gentleman asked him about collecting the money, and Meljel pulled out 60 dollars from his pocket and the guy took it from him and he told him no, no, no I'm not going to give you all of that," Lt. Lewis Harris of the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

The two got into a fight, causing Johnson's injuries. Chili's won't comment on the status of status of Johnson's employment, but say the restaurant will continue to make sure that it provides a safe environment for patrons.

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