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Blue Tracker locates troops in Iraq

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February 28, 2008

Valdosta - Welcome to B-dock X. The nerve center of operations for the 820th Security Forces Group at Moody Air Force Base.

"It's where we do our planning, coordination and supervision of our missions whether they'd be in the confines of the base or outside the wire missions," says TSgt David Patten.

It houses technology that's crucial to troops patrolling a combat zone. Like Blue Force Tracker.

Sensors are mounted to all humvees. They then transmit the location of all friendly forces to maps back at B-dock and to the vehicle mounted platform in other humvees.

"If we get into a fire fight in downtown Baghdad or something like that, we can send for help and everybody knows our location," says Senior Airmen Matthew Roland, Communications Technician.

Friendly forces are marked in blue. And using red censors, they can plot enemy points as well.

"So if you encounter a roadside bomb but you are on a mission and don't have enough time to stop and take care of that bomb, we can plot a marker there so that future patrols will know there's something there and be aware of it," Roland adds.

A tool that gives these troops a leg up over the enemy.  "Going over and not having any of it? It'd be pretty rough," Roland says.

Patten agrees.  "The equipment and technology you see in this building gives us a distinct advantage in the battlefield over the enemy."

The security forces say they are always on the lookout for newer technology that could potentially save lives and bring them one step closer to winning the war on terror.