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ADICA and Riverquarium may team up

February 27, 2008

Albany--  A proposed partnership between the Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority and the Flint Riverquarium could bring changes downtown.

ADICA Executive Director Don Buie says the proposed changes would increase visibility and traffic downtown. He wants to install a carousel in the space between the Imagination Theater and the Riverquarium.

Buie says the theater can also be beneficial after hours.  

"Turning that into a second-run movie theater. We have one primary theater here in Dougherty County but wouldn't it be great if we had another place where movies were shown at a much discounted rate or price," said Buie.

Another possibility is a café at the Riverquarium where people can eat in an outside terrace-like setting. Riverquarium leaders say they'll consider the suggestions in the next 30 to 45 days and are ready to work closely with the city to revitalize downtown.

Another major change at the Flint Riverquarium will open a little later than expected. The new aviary was supposed to open this Spring but now it looks like it'll be the summer before visitors can check out the flying birds.

The weather slowed construction a little. It should be complete by May 1st but federal rules require construction to be finished before the Riverquarium can actually get the birds for the exhibit.

The aviary is a one-million dollar sales tax project but won't cost much to operate.



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