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Ashburn clean up continues

February 27, 2008

Ashburn -- The sounds of chainsaws echoed throughout Ashburn Wednesday as the clean-up continued.

"We pretty much are mostly cleaned up. Debris from the roads were cleared within an hour of the storm. We're cleaning up the neighborhoods and getting stuff of the streets," said Ashburn Mayor, Jim Hedges.

"We had a few power outages, but Georgia Power and Irwin EMC were out here immediately, and it didn't last very long."

This is the second major storm to hit the city within the last three months. "No one was hurt thank God for that. But 62 structures were damaged, 11 of them considered to be severely damaged.

We have a number of homes with shingle damage and roof damage to them. Nobody was displaced. We didn't call in the Red Cross like we did when we had the storm on December the 15th," said Hedges. 

Officials say the storm was over before most people even knew it was there. "The Weather Service from Tallahassee is coming in either today or tomorrow to determine exactly what hit here: straight winds, circulating winds or tornado-type winds. But it came through real fast and quick," said Hedges.

"I just think there were strong winds and the ground was wet and saturated. So it doesn't take much to blow them over. We've been getting a lot of rain and the ground is wet and the winds get to the tall trees. It doesn't take much to blow it over," said Johnny Johnson of Johnson Tree Service.

Whatever it was the city is pulling together once again to recover from the storm. 75 percent of the damage from yesterdays storm was to homes, but the hardest hit structures were four of Golden Peanut's buildings.


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