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Storm leaves damage in Thomas county

February 26, 2008

Thomasville-- Strong winds knocked down 20 to 25 trees, blocking roadways for a short time Tuesday.   A handful of buildings sustained roof damage but no injuries or damage to homes were reported.

Chris Jones, Thomas County EMA Director and Fire Chief said, "We prefer it when it happens in daylight hours, its much easier on our crew. We want everyone to be in contact with the National Weather Service in someway wheter its having a  weather radio, or just having someway of being warned.'

A representative from the National Weather Service was in Thomas county late Tuesday afternoon, surveying the damage to determine if any of it was caused by a tornado.   "Most of it looks like straight line winds.  Some of the tops looked like they'd twisted out of the trees, instead of just blowing through them, but we'll let them determine that," said Jones.

Some phone lines were knocked down and crews were working to restore power to around 200 homes in the southern part of the county in the late afternoon.



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