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Chili's employee needs police help

February 26, 2008

Lee County -- Chili's employees were greeted by flashing lights and the sound of police sirens Tuesday morning after one of their co-workers was attacked.

"One of the employees, he does dishes and janitorial work, was outside sweeping debris of the parking lot," said manager, Greg Garth. 

"He saw a black S.U.V. parked in the Wal-Mart parking lot," said Lee Sheriff Deputy, Lt. Lewis Harris. 

It was behind the dumpster that the men jumped out and attacked the employee. "After he turns his back, six black men jumped out and robbed him," said Garth.

"He was able to defend himself for what he could. He was out numbered. And the black males took $60.00 out of his pocket," said Harris.

"There was a weapon. They took the broom he was using and took the broom handle and beat him with it. The victim's shirt was ripped. He has small lacerations on his chest. His left eye is swollen it was very apparent that he was involved in an altercation."

And this isn't the first time an employee has been attacked. "We've had fights in the bathroom. Let's see here, some gun threats, that was directed to me. And somebody tried to run an employee over in the parking lot," said Garth.

Through all of the challenges, the manager keeps a sense of humor about it. "We are store number 13 and that's jinxed number anyway," said Garth.

But keeping his employees safe is not a laughing matter. And they each watch after each other more cautiously to make sure this doesn't happen again.


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