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Officials remind Albany State students about consequences

February 26, 2008

Albany -- Prosecutors and police want to make sure Albany State University students stay out of trouble.

Tuesday,  A.S.U.'s police chief, assistant District Attorney Greg Edwards, and an A.D.D.U. drug agent talked to students about how poor decisions can affect them, and the safety of others on campus.

"Hopefully we can get our students to understand that they are here to get an education and not to get caught up in drugs or weapons on campus," said Albany State Police Chief, Roberson Brown, Jr.

"The consequences are very serious. This is not the play-play police, but serious business that we are involved in. And our job is to get them to think about the consequences."

The assembly was part of A.S.U. 1200, a course all freshmen are required to take to help them adjust to college life. This Friday, faculty will attend a presentation on how to deal with a campus shooting.


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