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Fertilizer really stinks this year

February 26, 2008

Dougherty County -- You might notice a stench in the air more often than usual this year. And you can blame the high cost of fertilizer.

Dougherty County leaders say more people are complaining about the odor coming from farms where chicken litter is used to fertilize fields.

More farmers are turning to chicken litter this year because it is high in nitrogen and a lot cheaper than other fertilizers.

"This year it's a bigger issue than before basically because fertilizer has gone through the roof, just as petroleum and so many other products," said Dougherty County Chairman, Jeff Sinyard.

"Consequently, they are going to be having some very unpleasant odors. They are going to be having some very unpleasant times of the year that are very difficult."

The use of chicken litter to fertilize is approved by Georgia's Department of Agriculture. So county governments cannot regulate this fertilizer use by farmers.

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