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Dougherty residents resistant on rezoning proposal

February 25, 2008

Dougherty County -- Right now this small pecan grove at the corner of Camden Lane and Old Pretoria Road is surrounded by cow pastures. But if the owner gets his way, that will change.

"Well our property is bordering the property in question. And we don't really know what they plan on building. We didn't want a subdivision cutting into a country setting," said Harris Verner.

Coley Musgrove is applying to have the land rezoned to be able to put at least 15 homes on the property.

"There is a lot of farms in that area and if you start to build two to three homes per acre, you are asking for problems," said District 6 Commissioner, Jack Stone.

"We frequently are getting complaints about spraying at night about our fertilizer applications. So we just didn't want to come into further conflict with other residential properties because of our farming operations that might already exist," said pecan farmer, Tray Pippin.

Part of the problem with developing this property is that there is no sewer system. And if septic tanks are added it could further contaminate the land.

"We've already spent millions of dollars sending water out to that area. The people could not get good water because the ground was already contaminated from a few years back.

So the ground is already contaminated, and you start to put two to three septic systems to every lot. You are going to have more and more contamination," said Stone.

"If they change this than they could change our zoning and we couldn't have horses or goats or whatever kind of pets. One of my neighbors has a donkey in his yard just as a pet.

So we just love living in the country," said Verner.  And it is the country lifestyle that keeps most of the residents there.

The Dougherty County Commission will vote on this rezoning proposal next Monday.


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