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Six rescued from flood in Brooks County

Ranger John Penuel surveys the Withlacoochee River Ranger John Penuel surveys the Withlacoochee River

February 25, 2008

Brooks County - The Withlacoochee River is just feet from flooding Highway 84 near Quitman, a reminder of the heavy rains that fell on South Georgia.

When that water rose, it caught the river front community on Blue Springs Lane off guard.

"Normally when you look out their back door, the river is at least 20 to 30 feet below. Yesterday, it was running right underneath the floor," says Ranger John Penuel.

Six people and their pets were trapped inside their homes Sunday, as the rising water submerged not only their cars but their only way out.

"The water had gotten up to high, they couldn't get out to their vehicles and were basically stranded and worried about how they were going to get out," Penuel says.

It took DNR Rangers John Penuel and David Brady three trips and three hours to get them to safety.

But with water still separating them from their homes, there's no way to tell what shape they'll be in when they return.

So for now, these family will just have to wait and see.  "As the water recedes they'll go back in and assess the damage and go from there."

It could take several days for the levels to get back to normal and even longer to clean up from the largest flood this community has seen in over a decade.


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