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Reed Bingham waters continue to rise

February 24, 2008

Colquitt County -- Reed Bingham State Park has certainly felt the effects of last week's heavy rainfall.

The rising waters pouring into Reed Bingham Lake from the Little River have left the dam submerged under three feet of water and shut down a portion of the Georgia-Florida Railway. With some points 15 to 20 feet deep, the flooding has even disrupted some wildlife habitats. Park officials say this is the highest they've seen the water levels in years.

"It doesn't usually come to this level. It's been over 10 years, it's been in fact over 14 years since it's been this high, I believe," said Park Manager Chet Powell.

So far all three boat ramps have been shut down at Reed Bingham because of the rising flood levels.

Park rangers fear if the water levels get higher they will be forced to close the park bridge. Despite the water levels, the park is still open to visitors.


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