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Webkinz help teach kids responsibility

February 24, 2008

Albany -- Parents and children got special treatment at the RiverQuarium gift shop Sunday.

The store held its first ever Webkinz party. Punch and snacks were served as children got a chance to try-out the online toys.

You may wonder what Webkinz are. They're stuffed animals with a special code.

Children can use those codes to play with their Webkinz online while at the same time, learn about the responsibilities of looking after and providing for their pet.

"They are actually a stuffed animal: dog, cat, different types. They can go online and play games with them.They can win money so they can fix up there home and such. Same thing with getting a job for the same reason," said gift Shop Manager, Claudia Durham.

As the children played, parents were able to enjoy a 20 percent discount on all of the items at the RiverQuarium gift shop.

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