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NFL star speaks to middle schoolers

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February 22, 2008

Camilla-- NFL star Charles Grant always tries to make sure he has time for Mitchell county middle schoolers while back visiting his native Southwest Georgia.  "They're appreciative. They appreciate the thought and effort of me coming out here. That means a lot to me," says Grant. 

They certainly showed their appreciation and excitement when Grant walked through the doors of their school Friday morning.  "He's a great football player, and I want to be just like him," says 6th grader Kenneth Morgan. But as Grant told his audience this morning there's much more to life than playing football.  He told them no matter what their background, they can do anything they want, if they work and do things the right way.  "Someone's past can not dictate their future. And that's the whole point of hope," says Grant. 

"He's a good motivational speaker. And the things that he says are inspiring to me," says Quenitra Jackson, an 8th grader.  In case words weren't enough to motivate, Grant made an offer to a few lucky students. He promised gifts like a trip to his home in New Orleans and side line passes to a game if they could manage to get straight A's. "That's a dream for a kid. I never had nobody do me like that. We go right back to that word hope again. Its giving them hope," says Grant.  

"It inspired me to do a lot of things," Morgan says.  Jackson adds, "It's not me being a millionaire which I do want to be but, its about me making a success of my life, being somebody." After showing them a thing or two on the dance floor, Grant reminded them once more that with faith, hope and hardwork, they can do anything they want in life. 

Last December Grant had the whole faculty out to a game in New Orleans. He promised if the school does well on their CRTC exams, he'll have them out again this year.