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Trees thinned at Chehaw to help habitat

February 21, 2008

Albany-  You might notice a lot of trees missing along Philema Road at the Parks at Chehaw. It's part of a project to improve the health of the park.

Crews have been thinning the trees in 100 acres in the front of the park. Trees that are diseased have been marked with blue paint and will be cut down to improve the forests' health. In place of the Loblolly pines, new trees will be planted, but this time a different variety.

"What we want to do as we open up some of these areas is come back and plant long leaf pine which was the native vegetation that was found in this area centuries ago. We're going to restore the long leaf pine in the wire grass areas around the park," said Doug Porter, The Parks at Chehaw Executive Director.

Money raised from the sale of the trees will go toward long term park projects to preserve the landscape.



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