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Black History Celebrated at MCLB

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February 20, 2008

Albany - A celebration of Black History Month today at Albany's Marine Corps Logistics Base. This year's theme is "Understanding the significance of our History... looking back to move forward." Dr. John Culbreath, a former educator and superintendent of Dougherty County Schools spoke about the importance of unity of all parts of a community in order for it to be successful.

He said, "I hope I can be a part of a bridge that goes over the racial divide and see everybody is just another person that we can love, get to know and respect."

Major General Willie Williams said, "You've heard the old saying that a nation divided cannot stand and I'm a firm believer in that. I'm a firm believer in that as it applies to the organization here at Marine Corps Logistics Command and I'm a firm believer in that again as a nation and as a people."

Wednesday's event was sponsored by the Albany Area Chapter of Blacks in Government.