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Serving up Sunday Sales?

February 20, 2008

Albany --  There's a petition going around to repeal the ban on retail alcohol sales on Sunday.  Nearly 20,000 people have signed it so far.

 Georgia is one of only three states that doesn't allow for the alcohol sales in stores on Sundays. Those who want Sunday sales say it would benefit the state by raising tax revenue, but an Albany liquor store owner disagrees. He likes things just as they are.

Whether you consider a daily drink your medicine, or think of it as a poison, you can get it at Warehouse Package Store in Albany six days a week. Will that soon be expanded? 

"I don't think this year there will be a change because it is an election year," said Louis Bernard of Warehouse Liquors.

And Bernard doesn't think there needs to be a change.  "I think six days is enough and for that fact, I think we should keep things just like they are."

He says if legislators repeal the Sunday alcohol sales petition, he will open not out of desire, but out of necessity.  "If you've got other competitors that are open, the public would demand that we would open and I think we would have to."

And that's something he doesn't want for his employees. "We would not like to see it because it's one day that my employees can get a day with their families, on Sunday, and we really would not like to open on Sunday."

Some supporters say Sunday sales would increase tax revenue, but Bernard disagrees, and thinks it could even cost him more money to operate.  "From our standpoint, I don't think it would be any more profitable to be open on Sunday vs. being closed on Sunday. I don't think the difference in sales would offset the extra expense of opening on Sunday."

But it's something he probably won't have to consider for a while anyway. Even if legislators take up the issue at this legislative session, it wouldn't be a done deal. Each county would hold referenda to determine what the voters want to do.  

Want to take a look at that petition in favor of repealing the prohibition of Sunday Sales?

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