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Area spiritual leaders hear ATC offerings

February 21, 2008

Albany --  Albany Technical College wants the Clergy from South Georgia Churches to urge their parishioners to get more education.

College administrators met with Albany Clergy Tuesday, to explain what their school has to offer to help their members get better training and jobs.

Santana Graham is a pharmacy student at Albany Technical College, and said her pastor is a big reason she is there. "He was always talking with us. Telling us to stay in school. Whatever you do, stay focused, get everything done to be successful in life."

Tuesday, Albany Tech brought in dozens of Ministers and Pastors from the community, to ask them to continue preaching the message of education and training to their members.

Porterfield United Methodist Church Associate Pastor Betty Lou Miller said "We don't often interact. They often see the church as something separate. And yet we have these people in our youth groups."

"I think a lot of times they will connect if they know what is available to them," said Gethsemane Worship Center Bishop Frederick Williams, Sr. 

Some of the Ministers said they think many problems in the community could be solved if the people involved had good jobs and guidance.

  "Let them know there are greater opportunities than the choices they are making. So we hope this will be a catalyst to turn this around," Williams said.

"There is hope. As a minister, that's what we want, for people to live full lives. Whole lives," Miller said.

So these clergy say they will try to steer more of their members to Albany Tech for job training and education. Graham says she thinks young people in Albany will listen to their Minister urging them with a plan to succeed.

"T helps them feel like they are special, or they are wanted. Like someone really cares about them, so that helps a lot," said Graham.

Albany Technical College will hold another Clergy meeting in Randolph County next week, to urge their members to get more education.


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