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City takes political stance in Atlanta

February 21, 2008

Albany --  Albany City Commissioners are encouraging state legislators to vote against a bill that would keep fire departments from charging insurance companies for clean up expenses after wrecks.

Tuesday, Albany Fire Chief James Carswell asked commissioners to send a letter to senators to vote against Senate Bill 348. It stops fire departments from being able to charge the insurance company of an at fault driver for the expenses involved in cleaning up a wreck. That cost can reach $5,000.

Carswell went to Atlanta last week to personally ask Senators to vote against the bill.

"It's not right for the residents of this town and or county to have to pay for it, so therefore we are completely opposed to that bill," says City Manager Alfred Lott. "We like it just the way it is, and we intend to fight for it."

Money received from insurance companies doesn't go into the general fund, it's used for public safety equipment like new hoses, and fire suits.


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