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Commissioners to knock down more eyesores

February 19, 2008

Albany - Nine more Albany eyesores are soon to be a part of Albany history. City Commissioners approved funding Tuesday for the demolition of the dilapidated houses, like this one 407 South Davis and another at 1202 Edgerly Avenue.

It will cost roughly $60,000 to tear them all down. Commissioners added another $90,000 in funding for emergencies or additional demolitions.

One major eyesore that's still a sore subject for commissioners is the old Heritage House Hotel on East Oglethorpe. "I get a lot of calls about the blight on Oglethorpe Boulevard and that's wheat they're talking about. For years, it was that and the Pet Dairy. The owner of the Pet Dairy took care of that. I wish the owner of this will do the same thing," said Commissioner Morris Gurr.

Owner Marvin Baptiste is currently under a mandate by the Environmental Protection Division to clean up asbestos found in the hotel. The city can't take any action against Baptiste until that matter is settled.



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