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Ray Charles Plaza remains unfinished

February 18, 2008

Albany-- Ray Charles Plaza was dedicated on December 7th, but the city of Albany still hasn't taken ownership of downtown's newest attraction. That's because work on the plaza isn't finished.

The centerpiece of the park still isn't working properly. The statue of the music legend isn't rotating as it should, and the lights and music still have problems. Despite the kinks, several people making their first visit to the plaza Monday afternoon told us it's a great draw for downtown. Jermaine Coleman said, "This is my first time seeing it. It looks beautiful from here. They really did a lot of good work on it. I'm sure once they get the kinks out of it, like they said they did it in a short amount of time maybe they kind of skipped some steps to make it to that deadline, but it still looks beautiful even sitting still."

The Albany Tomorrow project manager in charge of the plaza did not return our phone calls today to talk about the problems or a timeline to fix them. City manager Alfred Lott says the project is not unacceptably late, and the city will continue to work with A.T.I to finish the plaza before the city takes control of it.  

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