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Carter speaks on President's Day

February 18, 2008

Plains --  Former President Jimmy Carter talked about Presidents' Day at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site in Plains Monday.

Mr. Carter talked about the challenges of being the 39th President of the United States, and about the campaign, and what he expects to see out of the next President.

 In the same auditorium where he once had classes, Former President Jimmy Carter explained the American people are in the same situation they were in when he became President.

"There is a lot of disillusionment now, as there was when I took over the Presidency in 1977.

Wanting to restore America's faith in the Presidency was on the top of Carter's list, as was peace.

"I decided I would make and effort to bring peace to Israel, something that wasn't going on at all so, I met over the next few months, immediately after I had become President."

When asked about issues he'd like to see the next President address, he brought up the separation of church and state and the environment.

"We will combat global warming and we will lead the rest of the countries on earth in doing so and that will include our maximum influence on China and India and other to comply with things that involved the environment. I would also like from the next President to guarantee that tax laws in this country will be designed primarily as a matter of equity not to rewards the one percent of the richest people in our country, but also the working class people."

On this President's Day, President Carter looked back at those who served the country before him, a founding father like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. He said, a good President has the best interest of the American people at heart.

"I think both Washington and Jefferson so far as I know both told the truth to the people of America and didn't try to mislead the American people for their own political advantage."

Some of the questions asked by today's crowd centers on the war in Iraq. Carter said he hopes the next President will follow the recommendations of the Baker Commission and set a time period for bring home U.S. soldiers.

President Jimmy Carter also talked about his plans to attend the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado in August.  

Mr. Carter is one of 842 super delegates. Today he acknowledged that super delegates will play an important role in holding the party together and likely deciding the Democrat nominee. 

When we asked if he's chosen a candidate to support,and he has, but he won't reveal who it is.

"No. I made it a policy since I left the White House not endorsing a Democrat over another Democrat in the primary, but I'll let my choice be known later on."

I guess we'll have to wait for the convention which will be held August 25 through the 28th in Denver Colorado.


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