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"The Anchorage" Honors Founders

February 15, 2008

Lee County -- A facility that for more than 50 years has rehabilitated men ravaged by drugs and alcohol takes time to honor its founders.

In 1953, the Hudson Malone Sunday school class at First United Methodist Church in Albany created a program for men struggling with alcoholism.

It was called "The Anchorage."

On Saturday, the Hudson Malone class will be retired at a ceremony to honor and recognize the founders of "The Anchorage."

"Since there's only a few of those guys still left after some 54 years, they're retiring that Sunday school class. To come in and honor them with the Bishop of the South Georgia conference being present and a big meal down at Albany First Methodist," said Kenny Phillips, Executive Director of "The Anchorage."

The event starts at 6:30 Saturday night, at the First United Methodist Church in Albany.

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