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Exchange Club salutes superlative officers

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February 15, 2008

Albany --  Men and women who put their lives on the line to keep us safe were recognized in Albany Friday.  

The Exchange Club named its Officers of the Year from local agencies:

  • Dougherty County Police Officer Russ Snow
  • Sheriff's Corporal Deborah Platt
  • DNR Ranger Mike Binion
  • State Trooper Andrew McKenzie
  • Albany Police Corporal William Dale Henry

 "You get up every day, put your clothes on, kiss your wife goodbye, your kids and know you might not make it home at the end of the night. It's just the drive to succeed to catch the bad guy," said APL Cpl. William Dale Henry.

Sheriff's Corporal Cpl. Deborah Platt said, "I actually want to be there to help them realize this is not what you need to be into, you need to change your life."  

All officers of the year were presented with a plague by the Exchange Club.