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Plantation will host servicemen

Plantation owner Dan Hammack Plantation owner Dan Hammack

February 15, 2008

Calhoun County -- More than a dozen soldiers and Marines wounded in Iraq will be treated to a weekend of South Georgia quail hunting.

The plantation owner hosting the wounded warriors says the community has rallied around the event.

The hunt Saturday at Southern Wilderness Plantation will be called the 'Purple Heart Quail Hunt.' Plantation owner Dan Hammack is a Lt. Colonel in the Army Reserves,and said he is passionate about hosting the wounded warriors.

  "I was in Iraq myself and I came back with all four of my limbs and my digits, and I didn't get wounded. I just felt like we owe these guys," Hammack said.

The more than a dozen soldiers and Marines will be coming from bases like Camp LeJeuene or Ft. Benning..... and most were wounded in combat in Iraq. Saturday they will be treated to a full day of quail hunting and Southern hospitality.

"They don't want to be stuck in a hospital, in a V. A. Hospital or Recovery Center. They want to get out, and it makes them feel better," Hammack said.

Albany Sertoma Club members will be take the wounded warriors to the plantation, and help with the hunt.

Sertoma Club member Dr. Van Knowles said "The kids get to get out and get in the real world, and see and do something they have never been a part of before. I think it's got to be a great morale booster."

Hammack said a number of South Georgia businesses have joined in to sponsor and help the hunt. "I've had overwhelming support. As soon as people find out about it, their first question is what can I do?"

Hammack said he hopes to build the Purple Heart Quail Hunt into a much larger event, with more property owners hosting a larger number of troops. Because he says it's a small reward for troops who have given so much for this country.

Hammack said many of the wounded warriors invited this Saturday have never been Quail Hunting, so it will be a unique event for them.

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