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Every Parents Nightmare: What if?

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February 15, 2008

Albany - Every 43 seconds a child disappears in the United States. That's close to one million children a year. When that happens, it's a big help if police have detailed and up to date information on those missing children.

Now, Albany Masons want to help. They are providing free Identification packs, which will include DNA and a video to help find missing kids.

It's every parents nightmare. But you have to ask, what if something were to happen to my child?

"Unfortunately, that's the world we live in," said Steve Rice. "It's better for us, I believe and all the Masons believe, that the parents be prepared if something does happen, God forbid. Nobody's wishing that on anybody, but if that does happen, you'll have a tool which you can use to quickly recover your child hopefully."

The Child Identification program or CHIP is new to Georgia. Parents will get a packet with the child's dental imprint, a video, voice recording and fingerprints. "If, God forbid, some child goes missing, all the parent has to do is hand the packet that we give them to police and within seconds, they are in Amber Alert, so it's that quick," said Rice.

"Time is a critical factor in recovering a child," said Clay Chaffee. "This takes all the thought out of it for when a distressed parent is trying to recover their child." Although the CHIP program is primarily for children, it can also be used for adults; the disabled, elderly, even those with special conditions. To bring them back safely to the people who love them.

So far, 99 children across the country have been returned to safety because of this system. You can have your child's free ID kit made Saturday from 8 AM to noon at Triangle Lodge 708. That's on 18th Avenue in Albany, behind McDonalds on North Slappey.

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