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Seniors warned about crime

February 14, 2008

Albany - Senior Citizens are often trusting, but kind hearts can often make them susceptible to scams. Albany's Police Chief warned seniors about those risks today during a Valentine's breakfast.

On this day of hearts, a reminder that the hearts of these senior citizens can sometimes get them into sticky situations. "They're quite often very trusting and there are a number of means by which criminals try to take advantage, particularly senior citizens," said APD Chief James Younger.

That's why Younger spoke to senior citizens this morning about the many scams that often target them. He said, "People are very friendly, they're very open, very knowledgeable, very loving and sometimes others try to take advantage of that kindness."

Essie McCray knows first hand. She says she's gotten letters in the mail claiming she's won a sweepstakes, if she'll only send them money first. She said, "They say send them $13, $12 to get it started and they'll send it back to you and they all a scam."

"When you got to pay to get it," added Janice Edwards, "It's not true and I think we should all be aware of that." The Chief also advised them to be wary of folks who show up to their homes to do repair work when they didn't call a repairman.

"Be aware of anybody coming up and going around pretending they can do this and do that," said McCray, "call in on them." And look out for yourself. Next month Albany Fire Chief James Carswell will speak to seniors about fire safety and prevention.



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